Custom Ordering
Fill your freezers this winter! 
We are now taking orders for quarter, halves, and whole steers.
 Order by November 1st to reserve your order with pick up to be in February 2019.

For our customers who enjoy a greater choice and have a specific preference as to how their beef is cut; we are offering custom orders on quarter, half and whole beef.  Our butcher is Old Line Custom Meat Company in Baltimore. We will be happy to walk you through the custom ordering process.  ​​​Custom orders will be available seasonally and must be placed well in advance, as it takes time to get a butcher appointment, as well as time for the meat to hang and age before it is cut.  

The price for half and whole beef is based on hanging weight, and the slaughter fee is included in the price.  The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass, before it is processed into individual cuts. We will deliver the steer to the butcher, pick up the beef when it is ready and bring it to the farm for our customers to pick up.  Our whole beef animals usually average  650-750lbs hanging weight.  The hanging weight for a whole animal on average translates to 390-450lbs of cut meat.  We will let you know the specific hanging weight and cost once the steer is at the Meat Company and has been processed.   

The price for a whole beef is $4.50 per lb and the price for half or quarter beef is $4.75 per lb hanging weight.   A $200 deposit is required  when ordering a half or whole animal.

                                                  Average Hanging Weights and Cost

Quarter:  160-180 hanging weight at $4.75/lb will be about $760-$855 and will yield approximately 80-90lbs of beef cuts

Half: 325-375lbs hanging weight at $4.75/lb will be about $1,543-$1,781 and will yield approximately 160-180lbs of beef cuts

Whole:  650-750lbs hanging weight at 4.50/lb will abe about $2,62-$3187
and will yeild approximately 300-340lbs of beef cuts