Beef CSA 
We are pleased to announce that MD Sunrise Beef will now be offering a Beef CSA.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it is a program designed to create a symbiotic relationship between the local consumer and the farmer.  A farmer offers a certain number of shares each season, and the customer (member) pays the upfront cost for an entire seasons worth of product, and picks up the share either weekly or monthly at a specific location.​​

There are many benefits to having a Beef CSA program, such as it allows the consumer access to high quality, nutritious grass fed beef in convenient size portions, and allows the farmer to plan for the future meat supply and the best management of the herd.  Our beef shares will be sold seasonally, on a first come, first serve basis.  Each season will run for three months, and you will get a pre-determined amount of beef to pick up once a month at the farm. 

*Please email [email protected] for a registration form.

 Fall 2018 Beef CSA

 The Fall CSA session runs from October-December 2018.  Registration is open now.  We are excited to be offering more share types to fit your lifestyle and family needs.  

The Sunrise Share  
The Sunrise Share will consist of (8-10lbs) of beef per month.  The following cuts can be expected in the share each month.  The cost will be $85.00 per month, which comes to $255.00 for the entire 3 month session.

* 1 Roast
*2 Steaks
*2lbs of ground beef
*2 packages of variety cut (stew cubes, short ribs, osso buco, flat iron steaks, or brisket)

The Farmer's Ground Beef Share
The Farmer's Ground Beef Share is designed for those who utilize the versatility of ground beef.  We are offering two share sizes. 

Family share will contain 8 lbs of ground beef  per month and will cost $52.00 per month, or $156.00 for the entire session. 

Single share will consist of 4lbs of ground beef per month and will cost $27.00 per month, or $81.00 for the entire session.

For more info please email [email protected]